Food Logistics Award 2018

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Written by Jeff Wehner, COO

Thank you for awarding me 2018 Food Logistics Champion!

To say this week was a good week would be an understatement! First, if you haven’t seen the new bill of lading and invoice auditing features Haven recently launched, check some of the commentary from our Head of Product and Loadstar. It’s exciting to see Haven technology address the 25 – 30% of freight invoices that have errors in the $350B ocean freight market.

Then, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m receiving the distinction of being a 2018 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain. Extra icing on the cake! I’ve had the opportunity to work in both consumer electronics with Apple and IoT with Nest/Google, but the most important supply chain is food. Growing up in California, the largest exporter of food in the US, and having a father in Agriculture, understanding food production and distribution has always been a part of my life. But what average consumers don’t realize is that the highest variable cost for food commodities is logistics; saving time and money in the supply chain means more food gets to your table.

Of course there is a significant amount of technology that goes into food production, and what we’re proud of here at Haven is that we bring the same technology into our platform that powers the movement of food. Haven has been able to apply the same technology that Apple and Google use into the food supply chain. Adding automation, visibility, and collaboration means that there is less spoilage, less time going from farm to table, and more predictability along the value chain. The world isn’t going to get more land, but it will get more mouths to feed, the way to address that is with technology like Haven.

My name is on the title, but it’s the Haven team I’m part of that’s accomplished so much in building the technology. I want to thank Food Logistics for the acknowledgement and everyone at Haven for the hard work.



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