The End of Convoluted, Error-Prone, and Expensive Booking Processes

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Despite the advent of modern technology, most shippers still use dozens of carrier websites, forwarder emails, phone, and even text messages.

According to Haven’s customer data studies, teams spend an average of eight hours per shipment managing this process and their booking details are spread across countless systems. Locating the status, details, and documents of a given shipment is confusing and time-consuming.

Origin, a consolidated booking platform

Haven, announced the launch of its new carrier-neutral product called Origin, a consolidated booking platform. Customers utilize the free product to book service across all modes of transportation, such as ocean, air, trucking and rail. In an industry first, Origin works with every carrier, freight forwarder, or other service provider worldwide.

Origin gives shippers one powerful platform to book shipments for their customers or on their own behalf. Customers invite team members and start collaborating on their bookings with Origin’s simple, guided process that is consistent across all freight and logistics providers. In addition to booking, customers will have unlimited access to their key transportation documents, such as the confirmation, shipping instructions, and bill of lading. Documents can be previewed, annotated, and downloaded at any time.

Origin ends decades of convoluted, error-prone, and expensive booking processes. For the first time, BCOs and their providers will collaborate on a carrier-neutral platform without either party getting hit with unnecessary booking fees,” said Matthew Tillman, CEO and co-founder of Haven.

Haven TMS uses data to enable faster trade for commodity producers, manufacturers, and other large international shippers. As a standalone product, Origin is available for free to all shippers as well as a free upgrade for existing customers.
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Let’s meet the challenges facing our industry together

Let’s change the way that commodities, food, and other critical products are transported. Let’s get the materials that build our houses and the food that we eat to where it needs to be, quickly, effectively and at a lower cost.

Haven builds technology that streamlines global trade. The Haven platform empowers international shippers to modernize their logistics organizations with automation, collaboration, and visibility solutions. With Haven TMS, shippers get the actionable insights and analytics they need to reduce wasted spend, improve working capital, and compete in a changing global market. Haven supports customers worldwide with offices in Singapore, Switzerland and San Francisco.


By Justin Eckhouse




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